Investing in the House

Disciples at Empower Church generously invest their time, talent and treasure in God’s house. We are a tithing people, we are a participating people, for we are stewards, servants, and partners in His Kingdom. We look for opportunities to roll up our sleeves and serve generously, knowing that we are investing in the greatest cause on the face of the planet – the church of Jesus Christ.


Your time can contribute to the vision in many ways;
Volunteers: You can be involved in volunteering at Empower Church by using your skills, profession or experience or by simply lending a hand. There are many teams to join within our weekend services, ministries or midweek behind-the-scenes.

If you attend an Urban Connection and call Empower Church your home then we encourage you to become a part of a Sunday Volunteer Team. Please speak to your Urban Connection Leader for more information.

Leadership: Each demographic raises leadership teams that help connect, care for, pastor and mentor the people of Empower Church. Leadership is all about helping others step into a greater measure of The Empowered Life.


Your talent can contribute to the vision in many ways;
Do you have a talent or skill that you would like to use to invest into Empower Church. Maybe you play an instrument, can dance, love photography are great with a hammer. Possibly you love cooking, cleaning, administration or something we haven’t thought of; then please Contact us we would love to hear from you.


Your treasure can contribute to the vision in many ways;
Tithe: Taught as a Godly value and principle, Empower Church members are encouraged to set aside 10% as a commitment of your first and best to God. Opportunity to offer tithes will be given at every service. You can also obtain account details for direct debits and online banking, and eftpos facilities, credit card slips and ATMs are also available to assist you.

Empowered Future: Generosity beyond our regular tithing makes a way for our Empowered Future. This giving provides for the expansion of our next generation ministries (Empower Kids, Switch, Crave), for local and global missions (Red Frogs, Empower Community Services, Vanuatu) and for buildings and expansion opportunities.